I’m sorry.

Dear, Alex

I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I make everything seem like it was bad when really all of it wasn’t.. I did love you, honestly.. (I still kinda do.. Don’t judge me, I miss you.) But.. We fell apart.. You were my other half, my best friend, my.. Everything.. I trusted you, I spent all my time thinking of you, I made things for you, listened to songs that reminded me of you.. Spent so many nights staying up just to talk to.. You. I loved you. More than I’ve ever loved anyone before. But you.. You said you loved me. You told me I was beautiful. You said you couldn’t live without me..

You abandoned me, you insulted me, you left me crying and alone. I knew you for 3 years. I was your closest friend for 3 years. We dated for 1 year. 2 days after we had been together for 1 year, we broke up. That night, you vanished completely and still haven’t come back.. Honestly, I hope you never do. With the way that you left me when you promised me, that you never would.. I can’t quite bring myself to hate you, no. But I never want to see you again. I don’t want you to come back because that would hurt me more than anything..

But I do wish you the best. I wish one day that you can make some girl happy, and that you can actually stay with her always like the way you said you would stay with me…

I will love you always, but there will always be space in my heart to love someone else.

Goodbye, old friend.

Wish you could see this..

From, Red

Sometimes it’s just harder to hold back the tears…

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